Maurice Jarre

Ryan’s Daughter


A1 Main Title 4:30
A2 Where Was I When The Parade Went By? 2:32
A3 «You Don’t Want Me Then» 2:53
A4 Michael’s Theme 3:10
A5 Ride Through The Woods 2:47
A6 Obsession 2:01

B1 Overture (Ryan’s Daughter) 3:59
B2 The Shakes (Michael’s Theme) 2:08
B3 Rosy On The Beach 1:39
B4 Song Of The Irish Rebels 2:06
B5 Rosy And The Schoolmaster 2:42
B6 Michael Shows Randolph His Strange Treasure 3:05
B7 It Was A Good Time (Rosy’s Theme) 2:03


Maurice Jarre