Red Hot Chili Peppers

Woodstock 94


A1 Grand Pappy Du Plenty 1:43
A2 Give It Away 6:35
A3 Suck My Kiss 4:42
A4 Warped 5:53
A5 Stone Cold Bush 4:51
A6 If You Have To Ask 4:28

B1 Organic Anti-Beat Box Band 5:37
B2 Aeroplane 4:49
B3 Blood Sugar Sex Magik 5:12
B4 Pea 2:12
B5 My Lovely Man 5:18
B6 Higher Ground 5:14
B7 Under the Bridge 4:50
B8 Me and My Friends 8:38
B9 The Power Of Equality 4:40


Red Hot Chili Peppers