Mahalia Jackson

Star-Portrait Mahalia Jackson (Disco Doble)


A1 I Believe 2:50
A2 His Eye On The Sparrow 3:30
A3 It Is No Secret 3:00
A4 Consider Me 3:35
A5 Nobody Knows The Trouble I´ve Seen 2:54
A6 Run All The Way 2:24

B1 He´s My Light 3:00
B2 I Walked In The Garden 3:00
B3 If You Just Keep Still 3:10
B4 Amazing Grace 2:20
B5 In The Upper Room 3:23
B6 God Spoke To Me 2:55

C1 I Bow My Knees 3:16
C2 I Have A Friend 3:02
C3 Come To Jesus 2:39
C4 I´m Going To Tell Good 3:14
C5 Tired 2:37
C6 Jesus Is With Me 3:04

D1 A City Called Heaven 3:24
D2 I´m Going To Wait Unitl My Chance Comes 2:56
D3 No Matter How I Pray 2:05
D4 In My Home Over There 3:18
D5 Get Away Jordan 2:41
D6 Since The Fire Started 3:18


Mahalia Jackson