The Chiffons

20 Greatest Hits


A1 He’s So Fine 1:52
A2 One Fine Day 2:09
A3 Sweet Talking Guy 2:25
A4 Out Of This World 2:07
A5 I Have A Boyfriend 2:05
A6 Nobody Knows What’s Going On 2:23
A7 A Love So Fine 1:53
A8 My Boyfriend Is Back 2:05
A9 My Sweet Lord 3:28
A10 Stop Look And Listen 2:49

B1 My Block 2:33
B2 Open Your Eyes 2:14
B3 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 2:21
B4 Why Am I So Shy? 2:04
B5 When I Go To Sleep At Night 2:12
B6 It’s My Party 2:15
B7 The Locomotion 2:08
B8 Da Doo Ron Ron 2:00
B9 Sailor Boy 2:55
B10 See You In September 2:16

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The Chiffons